“First of all,Send a ninja card from the deck to the graveyard,The ninja school on my field·Uchiha belt soil rose from three stars to four stars,then,Activate the ninja effect I just sent to the graveyard,This is also the ninja sealed by you!”

“Anbe·Uchiha Shisui!Effect launch,When this card exists in the graveyard,Special summon a four-star or less ninja with Uchiha Itachi font from the deck or hand to the field,I chose to summon…

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this one,Simply impossible。

Lin Yu, someone who has just cultivated,How can I have an enemy? and so,that's,The reason why everyone is so excited。 “Let's go first。” “This sword,Maybe many people,Want to snatch。” Brother…

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Memory is also rising。

Basically these products that Huaxia cannot produce independently for the time being,All have risen differently。 “CPUIt's really rising!”Wang Yufei sighed。 “Maybe the price of sand on the earth has risen?”Lu…

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Her words are very simple。

But Fu Yunfei can tell,Bai Wushuang's mood is obviously different。 He thought,Shen Huan's Ways to Coax Girls,That's really top-notch,That's how it solved Bai Wushuang's problem,Won't let Bai Wushuang feel any…

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This is a desperate blow!

“No no no no!LeBron jumped up!LeBron jumped straight up!” “Oh, God,Now LeBron can actually take off!” “This height.It's over,Ye Qinghui!” No one thought that James would catch the ball at…

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