Lin Yu looks at Master Blackwood,Lightly。

“Master Blackwood,Kill this person。” Li Xingxing,See Lin Yu come out,Just so arrogant,Disdainful。 “When is your turn to speak?” Master Black Wood who heard this,Raise hand,And gave Li Xingxing a slap,Li…

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“Correct,Lin Shao,I was wrong before,Offended you。”

“This time,I'm guilty。” Zhang Shan,Hear the father,Also followed。 “Guilty,Then no need。” “Your Zhang Family,Not the one I can afford。” Hear this,Lin Yu,Directly use Zhangshan,What has been said,Go back。 “Lin Shao,What…

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“Don’t come over!”

Lin Yun protects her chest,Roar weakly。 “Scream,You will scream louder later,Bring them all to see the look of Deputy Dong Lin。” at the same time,Qin Shi has broken into the…

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to this end,Boss Joe is very proud。

In the last month,He often appears in various newspapers and magazines。 And I started to like to accept interviews。 After all, Shen Huan was the first one he discovered。 Even…

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