Xiangtan: Tourism solves the problem of "urgent expensive"

Xiangtan: Tourism solves the problem of "urgent expensive"

Xiangtan citizens Yang Kaiyun suffered from the years of cardiovascular disease, July 5, she found many changes in the Xiangtan Downtown Hospital.

"I used to see a doctor, registered, pay the fee, and I had a hospitalization. I have to run several windows. Now I will get it in a window." She said.

The change is derived from the inspection.

In the eleventh round of the Xiangtan Municipal Committee, the patrol group pointed out that the city center hospital has "difficult to wait in line, the service process is not smooth", and feedback feedback to the party committee. The Downtown Hospital takes the measures such as an increase in self-service machines, development of hospital APP service procedures, expert outpatients, etc., the problem is effectively alleviated. The Xiangtan Municipal Party Committee Combined the party history and education and inspection of the five counties and cities and the municipal party committees of the provincial party committee, and listed as special instructions, focusing on people’s practical things, solving problems.

Up to now, through side patrol, stand-alone, and focus on 48 people concerned, and pay attention to the "hurry".

This year, the 12-round patrol of the Xiangtan Municipal Party Committee included 4 Chinese medicine hospitals and maternal and child health hospitals related to the people’s lives into the patrol range.

The patrol group is widely listening to the masses through individual talks, field inspection, etc. The people who are unreasonable for individual unit charges, and the fact that the epidemic regularity prevention and control work is weak, and it is solved in time. (Reporter Xiao Chang correspondent Li Dan) (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei) Sharing let more people see.