Xilin Gol League Primary and Secondary School Development should be fully implemented "5 + 2" service after class

Xilin Gol League Primary and Secondary School Development should be fully implemented "5 + 2" service after class

  On August 23 to 24, the School of Compulsory Education of Xilin Gol League ushered in the first day of the autumn semester. On the first day of the school, the reporter walked into the primary and secondary schools in Xilinhot, understanding the prevention and control of the epidemic, student enrollment. "Please show the health code" "Please keep one meter distance" … 8 points, Xilinhot Mongolian primary school ushered in a group of new faces, accompanied by parents, 188 new students came to report.

The reporter noted that there is a special teacher in the school gate to check the health code and measure the body temperature, and everything can be entered.

A number of registration channels have been set up in the Stadium in the Location, ensuring that the parents are registered in order. "Before July 5, the school completed the freshman’s sunshine, and during the period, the parents met, and in advance, ICEA in advance. At present, the start of the school work is in an orderly manner." Mongolian Primary School, Xilinhot City The principal is introduced, according to the prevention and control work arrangement, the school implements the wrong time, the first grade new morning reported, other grades of students return school.

In order to ensure that there is no longer, the school is required to disinfect the campus, and the class has spread out different activity areas, avoid cross contact between classes and classes. At the same time, the school also sets the isolation classroom and reserves masks, 84 disinfectant, infrared temperature guns, washing hand and other materials.

  At 8 o’clock in the morning of August 22, students who wore a mask in Xilinhot City and the Sixth Middle School, wearing a mask, and wearing a colonial uniforms arrived in school.

After the children are disinfected one by one, after detecting the body temperature, enter the respective classes in order to specify the route. On August 23, the middle-aged students in the Mongolian Middle School in Xilinhot City have fully started school. In order to create a healthy and comfortable campus environment for the teachers and students of the whole school, Xilinhot Mongolian middle school is carried out 3 times a day on the public areas such as classrooms, dormitory, and function room, and requires students to do 14-day trip to record and carefully fill in health files. The students registered in the school strictly measures the body temperature and present the health code. After school, the school strictly implements campus closed management, and foreign personnel need detailed registration, but can be traceable, manageable, and ensure the safety of teachers and students. The reporter learned from the Xilin Gol League Education Bureau that after the opening of the school this year, the school has fully implemented the "5 + 2" mode after the completion of the class afterwards, "5" refers to Monday to Friday, "2" every week. It is a day after the day after class, which is aimed at providing students with physical exercise, comprehensive quality expansion activities, etc., increase the question of counseling and consolidation of improvement. (Reporter Bayes Gogh) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.