Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall: Spiritual Homeland

Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall: Spiritual Homeland

Our reporter Zhang Sisha Spring, the Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall, Haitang Sakura has been open, and the endless people are stationed under the tree, and they take a group photo in front of Zhou Enlai.

"The number of visitors in the first quarter is nearly 200,000, and there are all in the library. For visitors from the north of the north, this is a spiritual home, people look back in history, can learn from the force.

"Spring Springman, deputy director of the memorial hall, said.

In the spring of 1910, Zhou Enlai left his hometown under the arrangement of the four of the Father, and went to Northeast to seek school. Later, he recalled: "12 years old, I went home to northeast, this is the key to my life and ideological transformation.

"In Tianjin, Zhou Enlai sorry the revolutionary truth in all kinds of thoughts, and set up progressive organizations with colleagues.

"The members of the community wooked the real name, through the grabbing, Zhou Enlai smoked to No. 5, so the famous name ‘Wuhao’.

"The explanator Ja Ru said.

On January 29, 1920, Zhou Enlai, leading the students of Tianjin’s students from allocation to the Northern Government of Zhili, and was arrested. At the local monitoring hall, they form a reading group, leading you to research social problems and share new trend. It was released until July 17, and he thought a lot of problems in 170 days of loss of freedom.

Later, when he talked about the establishment of his own communist beliefs, "Thought is a tremble in prison", "the germination of revolutionary consciousness, starting from this time." In March 1922, the 24-year-old Zhou Enlai said in a letter to the friendship of the friends: "I recognize the mismatics will not change, and very resolutely want to promote him.

"The Life of Zhou Enlai is tightly associated with the China Revolution.

At the second hall hall of the memorial, a set of gray blue military uniforms, a white towel, bringing visitors’ thoughts to August 1, 1927. On the same day, Zhou Enlai and others took armed uprising in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, starting armed against the first shot of the Kuomintang reactionaries.

Along the exhibition hall, the painter Shen Yizi’s oil painting "Zunyi Conference" is reflected in the eye, the 20 characters in the painting are different, standing in Mao Zedong, leaving long, watching the venue.

Above the picture, Mao Zedong’s memories of this history: "If En is disagree, the Zunyi Conference is unpredictable.

"Peace solves the Xi’an incident, revealing the truth of the south, participate in the Chongqing negotiation … look forward to the hard revolution history, almost every major event has a thoughtful figure. After the founding of New China, in order to change a poor two white, extremely back-behind face, Zhou Enlai殚殚 殚竭, pay great hard.

In September 1954, the first meeting of the First National People’s Congress was held, and Zhou En came to represent the "Government Work Report" on behalf of the Central People’s Government. The first proposes "four modernity" – "We must realize agricultural modernization, industrial modernization, national defense Modernization and scientific and technological modernization, the construction of our motherland has become a strong socialist country, the key is to achieve the modernization of science and technology. "Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall is supported by 4 22 meters high granite pillars, symbolizing Zhou Enlai four times China ‘s "four modernization" ambition.

At the third exhibition hall of the memorial hall, they concentrated on the contribution of Zhou Enlai after the founding of New China, and the restoration of the leaders of the national economy, developing major foreign policy, promoting the development of water conservancy and defense, and detailed the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge Bridge Timber Program, Solve the problem of Chengkun Railway, promote the construction of Gezhouba water conservancy projects, and Zhou Enlai is relatives, and asked in detail.

"The Prime Minister’s work is serious to an unimaginable level.

"The doctor who worked around for nearly 20 years in Zhou Enlai, said in the memoir," Let’s report, to bring the map, specimen, X-ray, microscope, model.

Model is not proportional? What changes have X-ray film? What is the machine model of the photo? Not asked by the Prime Minister, it is almost impossible. "Zhou Enlai’s" Pingyi Near People "is also known as people. The north side of the Memorial Hall, a 26-year Western Flower Hall in the north side of the Memorial Hall.

On the right side of the office, the 3-person telephone is placed, with the red phone and the Mao Zedong office, and the other two is the "Prime Minister Hotline" that the general masses can make.

"Later, staff worried that Prime Minister was too tired, quietly changed the number, Zhou Prime Minister knows that it is severely criticized, and returns the number of the number." Ju Ru said. "Zhou Enlai comrades: We have to make you a little, it is to ask you to change the current work mode and living habits, in order to adapt to your body change …" This "big news" in front of Zhou Enlai office is a collection. One of precious cultural relics. On the left side, Zhou Enlai wrote a reply: "Sincere Accepons, we must see practice.

"Under the amount of overload work and great psychological pressures, Zhou Enlai’s body is getting worse." I only have eight words: 鞠 鞠 瘁, death. "

"Zhou Enlai said this sentence often said in the last exhibition hall, so that the visitors are quite heavy.

In 1972, Zhou Enlai, 74, was confirmed by bladder cancer.

Since then, he doesn’t care about the doctor’s advice. From the 30 March 1974, Zhou Enlai had more than 100 ml of blood every day. In 139 days from January to May 1974, he only had 13 days of working hours within 12 hours.

In June 1975, after three major surgery, Zhou Enlai fell to 61 pounds from 130 kilograms.

In September of the same year, he dragged his sody to meet foreign guests, and descript it calmly: "Marx’s ‘invitation’ I have received it.

"On the morning of January 8, 1976, Zhou Enlai died, 78 years old. The Memorial Western Flower Hall is the last place of visit.

In the courtyard of the spring, Haibang flower competes.

Deng Yiphao wrote down to remember the word "Haishuhua Festival": "You are not there, but every time you come to the sea, there are often people who love flowers.

Before spending the tree, everyone can enjoy the flowers, remember you, miss you, as if you are still in our middle.