Youth List-style face-to-face activities into Xinjiang Zhausu Zhuang Shihua, etc.

Youth List-style face-to-face activities into Xinjiang Zhausu Zhuang Shihua, etc.

  On January 20th, "The most beautiful" youthful "youth list face-to-face sharing will be held in Zhaoli Youth Activity Center, Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang.

China Youth Network reporter Chen Yu photo China Youth Network Zhao Su January 20 (Reporter Li Wei Chen Yu) January 20th The center was held.

This sharing will focus "riding the sky and horses, the history of the history", the contemporary Lei Feng, the national moral model, the armed police Xinjiang Corps Hospital Dean Zhuang Shihua and Yili Animal Husbandry Bureau, Hou Jianxin, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region 4th Countryside Youth is rich to take the leader Buick Milza, the western plan volunteer Liu Baoxiang shares its own struggle stories and interacts with each other. This sharing will be hosted by the National Internet Information Office, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Central Network Video Center, China Youth Network, Zhaowa Communist Party Committee, Zhaosu County People’s Government, and the Communist Youth League.

  Zhuang Shihua is the Chinese Youth Network "My Chinese Dream – Youth Inspirational Story" No. 15 Youth Inspirational People.

He said in the sharing meeting: "I have been to Zhaobu in 1998, today returning to Zhao Su, I feel that I am still young, because you give me your youthful vitality.

"Even if he is promoted to an early general, Zhuang Shihua still insists on working in the medical line.

Up to now, he has successfully made more than 120,000 cases of surgery for the masses, helping 43 unsatisfactory children and more than 560 people.

He told the story of his youth era to study the story and work in Xinjiang after work, and dedicated youth to the surgery. He told youth, to be successful, one must be faithful, two must be diligent, three must stick.

  Hou Jianxin is a young man who has aid in Xinjiang, who has lived in Zhaosu County for 20 years. He told youth to the hard life and toughness of the countryside in Xinjiang, "is the party to cultivate me from a knowledge youth into a cadre.

Yili has changed the earth-shaped change than the past, which is the result of the correct leadership of the Communist Party. Regardless of how much difficult is encountered, it is necessary to determine the ideal beliefs of party loyalty.

"Hou Jianxin said happily.

  Buick Murza shared the creation of agricultural cooperatives and youths, adding 10 households from 10 households to 120 struggles to lead their villagers.

Liu Baoxiang told himself as a volunteer who supported Zhaobu County, raising love materials, and caring for Zhaosu’s experience.

  After the four guests told the story of their own struggle, he had a warm communication with the on-site youth, and answered the confusion and problems encountered in the life and work of the audience. The sharing of nearly two hours is over a paragraph of youthful stories, and the applause ends.

After the meeting, more than ten live audiences and the organizers were reflected, and there were still many problems, and they were unable to communicate with the guests.

  The Communist Youth League Yili Prefecture Committee Secretary Altai, China Youth Network, China Youth Network, the Standing Committee of the Zhaosu County Committee, the Minister of Propaganda, Xiantike, etc. attended the sharing.

  "The youthful" youthful "youth list parallel activities are sponsored by the National Internet Information Office, the Communist Youth League Central, the Central Network Video Center, China Youth Network, started on December 30, 2013.

This activity is an important part of the "Network Care Youth" series, and it is also the expansion and extension of "Youth Inspirational Story" Network Culture.

Previously, the youth list surface-parallel activities have been held in two middle schools in Beijing, and four sharing meetings were held in a research institute in Hebei, and Shanxi did not admit it. On January 22, the event will also enter Xinjiang Fuyun Cocoa Mining Area. Contemporary Lei Feng, National Moral Model, Youth Inspirational People, Zhuang Shihua, Dean of the Armed Police Xinjiang Corps Hospital, in sharing. Chinese Youth Network reporter Chen Yu photo.