Winter, steamed fruit is more suitable for children

Winter, steamed fruit is more suitable for children

Winter is cold and dry, many children have fire, cough, indigestion phenomenon, often give children three "steamed fruit", not only strengthen nutrition, but also treat disease effects. Steamed apple.

There are rich vitamins and minerals in the apple mud. When the child is weak, it can eat some steamed apples to supplement vitamins and minerals, which is beneficial to enhance physical fitness.

Some baby diarrhea can also eat steamed apple puree, repairing the intestines, can be diarrhea.

Apple puree is best to eat before or after a meal, eat an appetite before meals, and eat help after meals.


Baby has a cold cough, you can give your child a steam. There are a large amount of crude fiber, vitamin, protein and sugar in pears, and sufficient moisture, can clear the heat and reduce the fire, and stop cough. Pear is cold, and the baby will eat the stomach. The steamed pear, not only lungs and cough, but also cure secrets.

It is very simple to do pear: first put the pear into small pieces, put it into the mixer, then put the pear mud into the steamer, and add some rock sugar and Chuanbei. The effect is better. Steamed orange.

Many babies are cold, and they will always cough after being sick. I recommend steaming oranges.

Orange oil in orange skin is an important component of calming, and oranges also have moistening lungs and cough.

(Huang Rong, a fetus and neonatal surgery nurse, Hunan Province, China.