Wu Sha village leek worry about selling the unsalable

Wu Sha village leek worry about selling the unsalable

The new crown pneumonia epidemic hit, Wu Sha Tong large leaf leek unmarketable, really a lot number, a total of 298 greenhouses chives.

This may worry bad than 100 leek growers Murakami. Wu Sha village is located in Wuzhong City, Temple Township Red Fort area, the villagers moved here in 2008 from the Southern Region in Ningxia over, household immigrants share a shed.

Since 2014, the village began to grow greenhouse chives, tasted the sweetness start turn-greenhouses, expand the scale of planting.

"The villagers kinds of 80 days, 4 stubble cut chives, a shed earn around $ 10,000." November 1, Wu Sha village Party branch secretary Ji Wei Qin told reporters, short cycle greenhouse planting leeks, good economic returns, is one of the most profitable industries in the village.

It produces large leaf leek is tender, add-season market, popular with consumers, selling more provinces, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Xinjiang and so on.

Each harvest last season, these greenhouses leek can bring about $ 3 million profit for Wu Sha Tong people.

In October this year, Wu Sha village chives just entered the harvest season, they are unprepared to face the epidemic, in serious unmarketable.

Wei Qin Ji said, in previous years, Wu Sha village leeks sold more than market outside the region, this epidemic has seriously affected the export of leeks. Leek only thirty-five days shelf life, it can not afford.

Mei Dong greenhouse planting leeks costs about 20,000 yuan, the farmers not a small sum.

If all these leeks hit in their own hands, Wu Sha Tong people have to suffer five or six hundred million loss.

The heavy price, Wu Sha Tong, who in any case can not afford.

Yield no harvest, Wei Qin Gibby growers also worried.

He chose to take the initiative, to attract buyers leek village to the community: "1 kg five dollars, inexpensive goods with much better than the popular and dependable.

"Forwarding and by the personal online media publicly reported, Wu Sha village of Leek attract buyers messages are widely advertised.

Two days ago, Hongsipu Area with electricity supplier company responsible person in the circle Ning brush micro letter friends know Wu Sha village leeks slow-moving thing. He’s enthusiastic and local wholesalers to discuss Yan Bao, the two hit it off: Wang Ning is responsible for online sales, responsible for distribution under Yan Bao line.

Two loving CEOs price of 5 yuan per kilogram of purchase, sale again the same price, net of manual sorting, distribution and transportation costs, they have lost money. They do not like this at all costs, is to take the most favorable price to help immigrants promotional chives.

Night, Wang Ning will arrange a live two hours from anchor to come forward to sell usha village of leeks, carry out charitable help farmers.

The evening of 31 October first live, Wang Ning two hours when he sold the 1300 kg leeks, made a good start. These days, commercial Yinchuan Xinhua Department Store Group Co., Ltd. has ordered 1800 kg leeks, Tongxin County, a wholesaler door harvested 3000 kg leeks, Water Investment Hongsipu Water Company Limited has ordered 250 kg leeks as canteens …… seeing orders pour in Wei Qin Ji has been squatting greenhouses coordination chives sales, shed 4 a day to sell, the money is now end. Multifarious nature of buyers, businesses, schools, institutions and so on and so forth. Happy to be rich leek grower in the village, they planted a total of 8 shed. A few days ago, he Choude not, but only 1 November day, he would sell shed 2 leeks, received million loan, smiling from ear to ear. Ji Wei Qin also busy and happiness: "According to the development of the situation, this village leek worry about selling it!" (Reporter Du Star) (Editor: Yan Mengjie, tolerance) share so that more people see recommended reading.